Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday to All!

Happy Monday to All!

I got some new earrings listed today! They are all new styles.
I really like the pair with the green and blue turquoise. They
are nice and feminine, and Turquoise is supposed to be the
hot color this year. The other three are a new style also, some
are made with hearts and one has swirls on the bottom. All are
nice and lightweight and oxidized.
Go and check them out at

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Received The Sunshine Award!

I have received the Sunshine Award from Bastille Bleu!
Thanks for Bestowing this award to me!
And check out her blog at:

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New Earrings Listed!

Part of of my new goals for this year is to get more jewelry listed. I decided
I need to start using this huge stash of beads that I have. You know the stash
where you don't have enough for a large project. So I decided to make some
simple hoop earrings with some drops. I made some from sterling silver
and some from copper. I oxidized all of them. Go and check them out
at Be sure and check for some new